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Last month we passed 32 million reports, with Chris Williams taking the spot with a PASS for Devel-Main-0.003.

The amount of reports we're accumulating has been taking up more and more disk space. We upgraded the disks last year, doubling the capacity, but we're already reaching the limit again. As such, I've been look at ways to compress the storage. It would seem have also had a similar problem, and have solved this by creating Sereal. However, before getting to that point, they also looked at compressing JSON, which is exactly what I was looking for. As a consequence, CPAN Testers has started to use Data::FlexSerializer, and began the process of compressing the older data. Over the next month I hope to complete this for all reports and reduce some of the disk space we're currently using.

Congratulations to Brian Cassidy, whose CPAN::Changes Kwalitee site has been monitoring the compatibility of ChangeLog files on CPAN, as the progress has now reached 40%. I've been slowly upgrading my distros, and it would seem others are following a similar exercise. While the W3CDTF date format isn't for everyone, it does make it a little easier to avoid confusion, particularly between European and American formats.

David Golden has set up a CPAN Testers organisation on GitHub. If you have CPAN Testers related code, that you'd like to have under the CPAN Testers umbrella, please contact David and he'll add you in. David has already started to port his repositories to the new organisation, and I'll be looking to do the same in the coming months. Hopefully, it'll give the CPAN Testers project more exposure and give more people the chance to contribute.

Karen Etheridge asked on the mailing list whether AUTOMATED_TESTING actually meant what it implies, as she had received several reports that didn't seem to be following the rule. Slaven highlighted that he does monitor reports, and this is why his smoker didn't set the AUTOMATED_TESTING environment variable. David Golden highlighted that the Lancaster Consensus had been specifically written to help distinguish the meanings of these variables, and that in this case the smoker should be setting both AUTOMATED_TESTING and NONINTERACTIVE_TESTING. It is worth reading the Consensus if you have your own smokers, as a number of distributions now use these variables to do (or not do) specific types of testing.

If you've not already read or heard, we had a disk problem last week. Its all sorted now, but we're still catching up. Hopefully we'll back on track by the weekend.

YAPC::Europe is coming next month, and although sadly I'll not be attending, there will some testing talks. Both Samit's and Ovid's talks I'd personally be interested in seeing. In the meantime, happy testing.

Posted by Barbie
on 15th July 2013

Unfortunately the CPAN Testers server had a RAID failure last week, which on further inspection looks to have been caused by a fault in the swap file. It's all been cleaned up, and many thanks to the guys from Bytemark for helping to get it all back online.

Sadly it does now mean that that reports are a few days behind. They are catching up, but it might take a few days until we're up to date again.

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