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Posted by Barbie
on 22nd March 2015

Are you attending a YAPC or other large technical event this year? Willing to be a speaker at such an event? Are you familiar with CPAN Testers, even as a new tester?

As I haven't been able to attend YAPCs for a few years, I am looking for someone to help keep the CPAN Testers project fresh in people's minds. As such, if you've thought you'd like to do a talk at a YAPC, but haven't had the idea for a topic, or may be you've previously done a presentaion, and would like to do another, and you would be happy to do something that covers some aspect of CPAN Testers, please get in touch. It's an ideal opportunity if you are a new speaker for your first presentation at a large event.

There are plenty of topics around CPAN Testers you could promote, particularly about getting involved with CPAN Testers, either as just a tester, as a toolchain developer or even as someone that likes to analyse common errors. Your perspective is also likely to be very different from others and can be a great source of inspiration for new testers.

The subject of a CPAN Testers talk came up in a discussion, as YAPC::NA is coming soon, and having a presentation on CPAN Testers would be very welcome. Their deadline for talk submissions has sadly past, and I had wanted to post this a few weeks ago, but there might still be the opportunity to present as part of the beginners track. If you are interested, and can put something together quickly, we can see whether they have a spare slot, or a the very least would be able to keep you in reserve should anyone drop out.

Long term, I would be delighted to have others speak at any future YAPC::Europe, YAPC::NA, YAPC::Asia, YAPC::Brazil, YAPC::Russia, Perl Workshops and other large technical events. If you need resources, please feel free use already existing presentations, stats from the CPAN Testers Statistics site or contact me, and I can hopefully point you in the right direction. Sadly, I may not have time available to help write the presentation, but I am willing to proof-read anything, should you need me to. 

YAPC::Europe is happening in Granada this year, and it would be great to finally have another CPAN Testers presentation after several years. If you can submit a talk, please do. Let me know and I'll make sure we promote it too, both here in the blog and on the twitter feed. That goes for any CPAN Testers presentation at any technical event.

CPAN Testers needs you :)

A very late summary, and that dispite one of my aims for this year was to get better at posing these on time :( As a consequence, if anyone is willing to help out with posting summaries, please get in touch.

For this post, I want to concentrate on promotion of CPAN Testers. Mark Keating wrote a very eloquent post regarding how testers themselves can promote CPAN Testers, with his post Smoke me an Onion baby. A few years ago, BinGOs and myself toyed with the idea of getting a T-shirt sorted to give out at YAPCs, promoting CPAN Testers. Unfortunately, we couldn't think of a suitable tag line and we're not graphic artists, so we never got anything sorted. In Mark's post he came up with some wonderful graphics to be used as badges for testers to promote their own involvement. If you like Mark's creations and wish to use them on your website, please get in touch and he'll provide copies for you to use. In the meantime watch out for stickers and badges at various future events.

Over the past few months, we have some interest from a few companies that have expressed a desire to support CPAN Testers. Both via monetary funding and spare capacity on servers. We are still in discussion with these companies, so hopefully we will have some new sponsors in the near future. We are always will to have more companies support us, as alhough individual funding is very much appreciated, we would like to see more corporate sponsorship to help raise our profile. If your company uses Perl, and makes use of CPAN Testers either directly or inderectly, and would be willing to help support the long term future of CPAN Testers, please get in touch.

Individual funding, as mentioned, is always very much appreciated, and if you would like to contribute in any way, you can make donations via the CPAN Testers Fund, or Gratipay. All proceeds are managed for us by the Enlightened Perl Organisation, who are a not-fot-profit organisation.

The reason for promotion, and requests for sponsorship, has come about as the Birmingham Perl Mongers' funding of the CPAN Testers servers comes to an end in September 2015, when we'll need to find other sources of funding for the current server. On top of this we have the Metabase server, which also requires funding. Sadly dedicated servers don't come cheap these days, so it roughly costs around £4200 (US$6280 or €5800) per year. Over the next six months we'll be doing as much as we can to raise the funding, but if you can help promote this to your employers that would be wonderful.

If you have any ideas to help promote CPAN Testers in other ways, please let me know and we'll see what we can do.

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