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Posted by Barbie
on 4th July 2014

I was trying to keep track of what distributions I released for my monthly challenge quest, and it made me think about when I released the first version of each distribution I have on CPAN. This then got me thinking about the first versions everyone had on CPAN. Seeing as I was already adding to the statistics, I thought I might as well add some more.

And so now you can see all the first version releases to CPAN. It also helps to keep track of all those first versions that happening each month, in case you wanted to check out what new cool stuff your favourite author was releasing to CPAN. So far this month we've had  21 new distributions (at the time of writing), and we're only 3 days into the month (the stats run in the early hours of the morning for the preceeding days).

However, that then got me thinking about the popularity of version numbers, and in particular what version numbers authors used for their first release of a distribution to CPAN. Unsurprisngly 0.01 is the most popular, but it turns out there is quite a vareity before we get down to single figures. Going that little bit further, looking at all the version numbers used, it was interesting to see there is a reasonably uniform trend, certainly for the top 14 positions.

If you have any ideas for more CPAN statistics, please post them on Github or RT.


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