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Posted by Preaction
on 30th October 2016

CPAN Testers was down for two weeks starting October 16, 2016 and ending today, October 29, 2016. This downtime was caused by a combination of running out of disk space and systemd processes in invalid states forcing a hard reboot resulting in a MySQL table repair. CPAN Testers is back up, and is working through two weeks of report backlog. It should be caught up in a week or so.


In our downtime time we:


  • Moved the MySQL databases to a new server cluster on an upgraded MySQL
  • Repaired the `metabase` database, which contains 75,000,000 records and weighs 675GB
  • Migrated most databases to InnoDB to prevent future, expensive repairs


Over the next few weeks we will be migrating the rest of the databases to InnoDB, which will be done while the site is live now that we have the disk space to do it. We are also setting up failover replication to improve performance and availability, and starting more frequent, zero-downtime backups.


I want to thank ServerCentral for hosting our new database servers, and Zach Dykstra from ServerCentral for setting them up and doing basically all the work.


Since this last happened a year ago, a lot has changed on the operations side of CPAN Testers, but not much has changed in the applications that make CPAN Testers work. This will be the focus of the next year (and beyond). A lot has changed since CPAN Testers was built, and there's a lot of modernization that can be done to improve what CPAN Testers can offer the Perl community.



But this is a job bigger than the people we have. To that end, I've started writing a project roadmap, available on Github. This document outlines the parts of CPAN Testers, what they do, and how they could be improved. CPAN Testers is a web application with a lot of data transformation (ETL and SQL reports) and storage. If you'd like to help, or you'd like to learn, join us on our IRC channeljoin our mailing list, or e-mail me with how you'd like to help.


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