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Posted by Preaction
on 9th November 2016

We're going to have a short period of downtime tomorrow to create a snapshot for our new MySQL replication. We're using ZFS, so the downtime should be limited to a few minutes sometime between 12:00 and 17:00 US/Central (UTC-6). Once that is in place, we'll be setting up monitoring for our master-master MySQL cluster and the ZFS file systems they live on. Using ZFS snapshots means we should have a lot fewer problems with backups, and indeed we can start taking daily or even intraday backups.

Over the next few weeks, we'll also be migrating the local website copy of the metabase to InnoDB (hopefully before MyISAM is fully deprecated and removed). Percona has a tool that will allow us to do this while the database is online, so there should be no downtime for this operation however long it ends up taking. Given that we're already in a multi-master cluster, and that we have regular ZFS snapshots, this won't give us that much more protection against downtime, but with MyISAM's deprecation, this is still something we need to do.

We are still catching up on the incoming test reports from our previous downtime, and we should reach equilibrium soon. Tomorrow's downtime should not affect that at all.


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