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Posted by Barbie
on 29th December 2009

At the London Perl Workshop, I spoke with Leo Lapworth, who mentioned that he'd shown one of his colleagues the CPAN Testers Reports site. His colleague highlighted that the distribution pages were slightly upside down, as what he wanted to see first was the summary PASS matrix, as this gave him a better perspective of how successful the distribution was.

He makes a good point, and I began by simply bringing the summary matrix to the top of the page. However, the matrix just contained the counts of successes, which while encouraging, doesn't differentiate between versions and perhaps most importantly contained all the perl versions that had been tested, including all the patched versions. As such the matrix has now been reworked to only include non-patched versions of perl and to highlight the last version containing a pass. This hopefully gives a better first impression of a particular distribution.

For each distribution, there is a link to further matrices on the CPAN Testers PASS Matrix site, which now includes on the associated distribution page the full perl version matrices for both the latest version with a PASS report, and the count of PASS reports (as it was originally on the Reports distribution page). Examples of the new matrices can be seen here and here.

Further rework of the matrices on the site are planned at some point, but work on the other sites is planned for the new year, as well progress on CPAN Testers 2.0.


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