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Posted by Barbie
on 12th December 2007

Sorry for the delay in getting the stats site update this month, for various reasons I've been busy with other things and unfortunately the stats update has been a lower priority. I'm looking at updating the code at the moment to speed the process up and hopefully automate the site updates on a more regular basis.

19 new mappings, including 7 new testers this month, so welcome to you guys and thanks for getting involved. After our dramatic rise in testers over the last couple of months, unfortunately that number has dropped back again slightly this month. I would also like to thank, once again the testers who include their name or tag, that helps me to identify them. Many are new testers who aren't CPAN authors, so it makes my life a lot easier. Chris once again breaks his monthly record for most reports in a month with over 32,000 reports. After an early lead at the beginning of the month, I was hoping Andreas might finally take top spot for the month ... just to give Chris a bit of competition :) All the top ten testers have stepped up their testing this month, with all of them submitting over 1,000 reports, so a big thanks to them and all the CPAN Testers for taking the time to test and submitting their reports. 55 different perls got tested last month, which is the highest we've ever had. Although it should be noted that the rise was mostly due to the different patch versions. I'm considering folding those into the main release, as the CPAN Testers results site does this.

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