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Posted by Barbie
on 15th March 2011

For anyone who may have been affacted by the upgrade to LWP, the situation should now be resolved. David has put in place a 3rd party verified SSL certificate on the Metabase server, so all submissions should now be able to resolve certificate authenticity.

If you have implemented any short term fixes, you may need to remove them, before accepting the new certificate.

We now return you to your scheduled programming :)

Posted by Barbie
on 14th March 2011

If you're an existing CPAN Tester, and have recently upgraded LWP, you may have noticed that your report submissions have been failing. The reason being that LWP::UserAgent now requires that any https protocol request, needs to verify the certificate associated with it. With the Metabase having a self-signed certificate, this doesn't provide enough verification and so fails.

In the short term if you don't need to update LWP (libwww-perl), refrain from doing so for the time being. For those that have already done so, or have recently built test machines from a clean starting point, you will either need to wait until we have put a long term solution in place, or may wish to look at a solution from Douglas Wilson. Douglas has created a "hypothetical distribution", which you can see via a gist.

Others have also blogged about the problem, and have suggests and insights as to how to overcome this for the short term:

We will have more details of the longer term solution soon.

 Much of February was taken up with monitoring updates and watching for any unfortunate consequences. Thankfully the improvements seem to have done their job. The report submissions in January dropped from previous months, which is normal going on past experience, and sure enough the submissions increased again last month. Despite this the builder has managed to stay on top of the page requests. Some fine tuning has taken place and currently the builder stays at most about 2-3 days behind, but is average in only 1-2 days behind. We'd prefer to have updates even more frequent than this, so over the next few months we'll investigate further what improvements can be made.

Recently David Golden had cause to investigate a problem that was surfacing with Module::Build. Some reports to CPAN Testers were highlighting a particular issue that was proving hard to track down. Thankfully, Chad Davis went the extra miles to try and provide David with as much context as possible to understand the problem. It is worthwhile reading David's full post, appropriately title 'How to replicate a failure', as it provides a good example of how testers and authors can work together to solve problems.

The 2011 QA Hackathon is now firmed up, and although work integrating perl smoke test reports into the Metabase is planned, there is nothing specific to CPAN Testers. This is mainly due to David and myself being unable to attend in person, although we both hope to be online at some point during the event.

To end off this summary, the mappings this month included 8 total addresses mapped, of which 7 were for newly identified testers. It seems testers are getting used to reusing their metabase profile, rather than creating a new one every time they change email address, as this was the intention behind the profile, allowing us to more easily attribute reports to a particular tester.

If you have any CPAN Testers related news, blog posts or if you are planning any CPAN Testers related talks at your local Perl Monger group or at a workshop or conference, please let us know, and we'll promote you here on the blog. Until next time...

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