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January ended up being quite a productive month, with several issues with websites getting sorted finally.

A few people noticed that the leaderboards weren't producing the right numbers on the Statistics site. Due to it being January a rather deceptive bug came to light regarding the calculations of previous months. Thankfully I found and fixed the bug before the end of January, as for the remaining months of the year, the bug doesn't surface :)

Next up was the Preferences site. After several weeks trying to get the SSL certificate set up correctly, I left it to work on the Statistics site bug, only to return to look at it again a couple of weeks later to discover it all working! No idea what the problem was, but suspect something was caching somewhere with the wrong settings. Any road up, if you've been wanting to change any preference settings for emails, you can now login and update these for yourself again.

I also managed to finally release the codebase that runs the Reports site. The first release isn't the latest code that is running live now, but I will be backporting live into the repository over the coming weeks. This now means that all the code to run the full process for yourself, from testing to displaying reports is now all available online. And all Open Source. It also means that two of the old codebases (CPAN-WWW-Testers & CPAN-WWW-Testers-Generator) can now be archived. The RT queues for both will be reviewed and will either be transfered to the newer releases or closed. In future you will need to post any issues for the sites to their respective queues.

It seems we had a few people praising or at least putting CPAN Testers in a good light last month. Alberto Simões said "Thank you, CPAN Testers", Buddy Burden gave us "A Tale of CPAN Testers" and Joseph Walton wrote about New releases and old perls in their blogs. Many thanks to those guys, and to everyone who tweets or talks about how CPAN Testers has helped you. It is also great to know that people are making use of all the sites in the family, to help them write more robust code or get a better idea of what distribution will work for them.

And continuing the thank yous, I'd also like to thank Shadowcat, The Perl Foundation and the Sponsors for enabling myself, Ricardo Signes and David Golden to all attend the forthcoming 2012 QA Hackathon in Paris. Also in attendance will be Slaven Rezić and Andreas König, so CPAN Testers is likely to be featured quite heavily during the event. You can see our specific aims on the Attendees wiki page. We'll feature some of the updates in a future post and I'm sure many of the attendees will be blogging and tweeting during and after the event.

Lastly, expect to see a milestone update this month. It's a big one!

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