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Posted by Barbie
on 19th February 2013

This month's summary is rather late, as sadly I have been busy with other endeavours. As such it'll be a little brief.

The mailing list was rather vibrant last month and several posts generated much discussion. Ricardo's post regarding testing development versions of Perl continued, but there were several new discussions. Bo Johansson posed some Beginners questions. All very good questions, and ones we should look to adding to the Wiki. Unfortunately, Bo hasn't had a response as yet, but I will look to providing some answers, which others can expand on.  David Golden announced he was looking for a maintainer for CPAN::Reporter. Breno (GARU) stepped up and offered his services, fresh from his exploits with CPAN::Testers::Common::Client, which hopefully will form the foundation of all CPAN Testers clients.

The last post to highlight is from Karen Etheridge, who asked about Ignore lists for a specific PAUSE id. This stemmed from a misunderstanding about ignore lists. Ignore lists are compiled by individual testers and are used to skip testing distributions that are known to be problematic. Some just won't work due to external libraries that are not installed, others hang and some are just too troublesome for testers to test. These lists are sometimes made public, so that authors can see why their distributions may not have test reports, and to help other testers to create their own ignore lists. While author can ask specific testers about their ignore lists, there is no central list that can be updated for all, as every test environment is different, what works for one one testers may not for another.

However, although Karen's post started from a question about irgnore lists, it was really asking about a particular set of failure reports from one tester. As several investigated further, it became clear that the environment was using NFS, which appears to be the cause of the problem. There are fixes for File::Temp and IPC3::Run, so if you encounter similar problems, it may be worth including prerequisites for these modules, which include the appropriate patches when they're available. The NFS environment is a valid one, but unfortunately not so easy to determine. We may well have to see if we can add that sort of metadata to test reports in the future.

That's all for now, and as the discussions continue into this month, I shall be wrapping them up in the next summary.

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