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Posted by Barbie
on 12th June 2013

This month has been reasonably quiet. Although some work has been done to improve the speed of getting reports onto the website, these have mostly been minor tweaks.

The mailing list was a little more vibrant though, with several discussions. Shlomi Fish asked about XML::LibXML & XML::LibXSLT failing with old versions of libxml2 and libxslt. The problem being that later versions of the C libraries fixed bugs that might affect the Perl modules. Eirik Berg Hanssen and Reini Urban both offered reasonable insights to help test and inform users. Michael Schwern told us about adding to the number of OS X smokers. Although we have a few testers smoking on Max OS X, we definitely welcome more. With Mac OS X still being a popular OS, and certainly well used within the Perl community, it's surprising we don't have more smokers for it. Hopefully, Schwern can help to raise the number of test reports for the OS in the coming months.

Shlomi Fish also asked about why he was getting test failure reports for Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ProgCriticTests-1.131250, as he had marked it as deleted from PAUSE. There are a couple reasons for this, one which Alexandr Ciornii highlighted, as PAUSE doesn't delete straight away, but waits 3 days before deleting. Another reason is that smokers don't always use a current mirror of CPAN, and some have local copies. However, if you're still getting reports after a week or so, then it might be worth asking the tester in question to check the mirror they are using. Alternatively, as Andreas König notes, you can always use the CPAN Testers Preferences site to filter out unwanted reports. Shmuel Fomberg asked about failures in network operation, as his WWW::Github::Files modules was getting some unexpected forbidden messages. Slaven Rezić had a similar problem with Geo::Coder::Googlev3, and offered a solution that could ignore these failures in tests. Dave Cantrell also highlighted the importance of making sure that the module was also proxy aware.

That's it for the May summary, more news next month.

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