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The server upgrade is now complete. The final pieces of the puzzle were to implement the mailers for reports. After a lot of head scratching, Robert figured out the problem was the filtering for mails coming from the new server. Many thanks to Robert and Ask for helping out here, even if Robert thinks I should be using Postfix ;) Mails are flowing now, and many thanks for everyone's patience while we got them sorted. I'm also seeing all the bouncebacks again, which means I'll need to update the preferences for those authors soon. If you've been missing your mails from cpantesters, please check the address you have set up in PAUSE. If it is old and no longer valid (including those that are hidden from public view), then the mail server is going to issue a bounceback for them. If you've changed jobs, please make sure that you update your PAUSE email if necessary too, as there is at least one person who is unwittingly sending "no longer works for this company" emails for their PAUSE email.

New SSL certificates are now in place for both the Preferences site and the forthcoming Admin site. Our last provider may have provided them for free, but the hassle in getting them, really wasn't worth it. Thankfully the new ones are now valid for 5 years at a very nice discount.

At the Birmingham Perl Mongers October Technical Meeting, I gave a presentation entitled 'The Future of CPAN Testers'. The talk went down well, and I recieved some good feedback. As such, I have submitted it for the London Perl Workshop on 30th November. The talk will cover some of the changes that have happened this year, and look at some of the projects planned for the near and far future. If you're interested in getting involved in CPAN Testers as a developer, rather than a tester, this talk will be an ideal insight.

Speaking of CPAN Testers talks, many thanks to Gabor Szabo. Firstly for setting up Perl TV, and secondly for promoting the talk I gave at YAPC::Europe 2012 in Frankfurt. 'The Eco-System of CPAN Testers' was my attempt to explain how all the different processes used by CPAN Testers all fit together, detailing the path from report creation to appearing on the Reports website and beyond. Hopefully my latest CPAN Testers talk will be a suitable follow-on companion to last year's talk.

And speaking of the future of CPAN Testers, the Admin site is steaming ahead again. After getting my head round all the email stores, a new script to populate the new tables is off and running. It'll take a while to get through the 36 million reports, but most of the codebase is now ready to go. There are some further changes to the Statistics site and the address maintenance scripts to do, but I'm hoping to have a release date in the next summary.

Hopefully some readers will be at the London Perl Workshop at the end of the month, so please say hello if you're a tester, or want to get more involved in CPAN Testers.

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