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Posted by Barbie
on 22nd May 2014

A little while ago I asked whether anyone knew who owned the @cpantesters account on Twitter. I had some plans for it, and wanted to see if the current owner would be agreeable to me using it. I did a bit of digging myself, but didn't get anywhere. Asking again more recently, Both Larry Moore (@larryjasmoore) and Kevin Mulholland (@27escape) stated something obvious that I'd just not spotted, that @typester was the only follower. A quick email and Daisuke Murase did indeed confirm he held the keys to the account.

My thanks to Daisuke Murase for having the forethought to create the account, so it wasn't lost to someone trying to use it for something other than CPAN Testers or Perl. Daisuke was hoping to use it to post reports to, in the same way Chris Williams posts to one of our IRC channels, except Twitter doesn't like such frequent posting, so he had to abandon the project. He has very kindly stepped aside to let me set up a new account to post quick snippets about CPAN Testers.

Feel free to follow us on Twitter at @cpantesters for all the latest CPAN Testers news.

There is another ulterior motive to using the account, and more news about that shortly.


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