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Posted by Barbie
on 26th May 2014

If you haven't already been aware of Gittip, it started as way to proviably tip your hat to those whose work you admire, with the idea of buying someone a beer to say thank you to some cool people for their efforts. It's also been another way to generate funds for Open Source projects.

It was suggested a while ago that CPAN Testers should get on the site with a CPAN Testers Team identity, to help add funds to the CPAN Testers Fund. While our main funding is through donations to the CPAN Testers Fund, managed on our behalf by the Enlightened Perl Organisation, having other ways for people to contribute, no matter how big or small, is certainly something worth considering. At the moment Gittip is proving to be a popular way to say thank you, so it makes sense to have a profile.

One of the problems that first faced us was getting a a suitable account from one of the other code/social sites that Gittip uses to enable anyone to create an account. We overcame that recently, when Daisuke Murase kindly gave us the keys to the @cpantesters account on Twitter. Although many projects seem to just have communities, the CPAN Testers Team account will hopefully give a more direct benefit to the CPAN Testers project, rather than individual members of the CPAN Testers community. However, if you want to thank specific testers, that's cool too.

David Golden and myself are the CPAN Testers Team account managers, so we'll make sure all contributions go into the CPAN Testers Fund. In the meantime, feel free to add yourself to the CPAN Testers Community too.


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