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Posted by Preaction
on 7th February 2017

There was a problem with our moving the database to a remote server, and as a result, some of our page build processes have been timing out. Because of this, the data shown on the website, and by the CPAN Testers Matrix has been growing more incomplete compared to the database. Some of you have reported data disappearing from the matrix, or improbably low numbers of test reports, both of which are caused by this issue.

None of the data in the database is affected, so these pages can be rebuilt. However, since they've been being partially rebuilt for a few months now, the caches are all invalid and must be deleted. Rebuilding these caches has begun, but it will likely take a few days up to a week. During this time, the data shown by the CPAN Testers website and some other consumers will remain incomplete.

As the new CPAN Testers API accesses the database directly, it always has accurate and complete data. If you'd like to help expand the API to include more data, check out our Github repositoryjoin our mailing list, or e-mail me and we can help get you started.


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